KORBANK Data Center
KORBANK Data Center - Data center, one of the largest publicly available in region. Data center has been built according to TIER4 standard.
Area of the building: 3 040 m² Area of the property: 4 700 m²

Building details

Physical security
Building security - the object is surrounded with high fence with entrance control.
Fire protection system - fire detection and signaling system, early detection system and gas extinguishing system with a ventilation system and relieving flaps.
Cooling - all devices are cooled with water and gas with 2N+1 redundancy.
Collocation rooms
The Data Center has 4 floors of colocation rooms. On three floors there are colocation rooms built on the basis of TIER4 standards.
On the other floors - there are economic standard colocation rooms, also meeting selected TIER standards.
The building has two independent 2.5MW connections, double medium voltage switchboards, two transformers and two high-voltage power lines in separate zones.
Highest voltage supply in both alternating current and direct current. Both power lines have an emergency UPS battery supply and backup power sources in the form of power generators.


Equipped with various processor and disk configurations. Personalised server solution exclusive to you.
Virtual server with tailored performance. Scalable solution with no data limit!
A dedicated box in the server room with its own access control, cabling, electrical and HVAC parameters adjusted to the customer's requirements.
Emergency office
A separate work area in crisis situations with 24/7 operator service and with all safety standards.
Cloud applications
Processed services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) - the ability to select and run an application available in the market with one click. Available, among others: Kubernetes Cluster, Docker Engine, MySQL / MariaDB Cluster and many more.
WRIX - an open platform connecting telecommunications operators around the physical telecommunications infrastructure dispersed in colocation centers located throughout the country.
The available services include, among others, Open peering, BGP Internet access, data transmission, direct sessions with TIER1 operators.
Why is the WRIX the best solution?
  • Over 20 years of experiance
  • Over 144 tousand prefixes
  • European peerings
  • Global Internet
  • Colocation
  • TV Headend
map of wrix More about WRIX: www.wrix.org

WRIX services

Open peering
Unlimited access to IPv4 / IPv6 resources for all WRIX participants. Open peering included in the BGP session price.
Access to WRIX BGP Internet
Internet access with the entire resources of Poland and the world, which are currently available in the WRIX routing table, and physical connections with the largest content providers in the world and in Poland ensure low access times.
Access to WRIX Internet without BGP
The service has all the features of the WRIX BGP Internet access service, however, an ASN number and IPv4 / IPv6 addressing are required to run it. It is WRIX that allocates connection-based addressing and an additional pool of IPv4 / IPv6 addresses to be used.
Headend IPTV
WRIX provides access to the IPTV AVIOS platform and to the AVIOS CDN. This is the best solution for a remote Headend and lowering the cost of acquiring TV channels.
Access to Global BGP Internet
WRIX enables a direct BGP session with the world, as it provides a physical connection with the TIER1 infrastructure in many colocation points in Poland.
POP-POP data transmission
WRIX offers a data transmission service between POPs in Poland and abroad. In some cities you can order data transmission with last mile.